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Speakers and Topics 

Day 1 - Business Productivity 

The Power of the Ones: Using OneNote with OneDrive

Using OneNote with OneDrive unleashes OneNote's ability to work across many platforms, operating systems, and devices, giving you the flexibility to work with your notebooks on any device at any time. In this session, you will learn how to save (or move) a notebook to OneDrive, how to open that notebook on various OneNote versions, and we'll examine some of the differences between the various versions of OneNote, including OneNote 2016, the OneNote Windows 10 app, OneNote Online, and OneNote on Android.

Scott A. Concilla is a Microsoft Certified Trainer who specializes in the end user applications. Scott has been working with and teaching the Office suite and related products for over 21 years.

Scott Concilla

Microsoft Certified Trainer

8:00 AM PST | 11:00 AM EST 

Introduction to the OneNote App

The OneNote app has been getting better and better each year, and it is to the point where it is a viable option to use everyday instead of the Desktop version. This session will show you the app and get you to expert level in no time so you can benefit from the beautiful design in the OneNote app.

Jenn is NCCE Coordinator of Professional Development. She is a Microsoftedu OneNote Superhero, MIE Expert, Surface Expert & Skype Master Teacher, and Microsoft Master Trainer.

Jennifer Morgan

MIE Expert and Microsoft Master Trainer

9:00 AM PST | 12:00 PM EST

The Ultimate OneNote Organizer: Checklists, Forms and Templates

Learn how to create and manage checklists, forms and templates for ultimate OneNote organization.

Sandy is a business consultant, specializing in productivity tools such as OneNote, to help companies become more organized and efficient.

Sandy Morgan

OneNote Avenger

10:00 AM PST | 1:00 PM EST

From Pen a​nd Paper to Digital Note-taking Expert

More and more people are realizing the benefits of digital note-taking. Having access to the notes that you have taken from meetings, seminars or brainstorming sessions definitely helps you be more productive no matter where you are. But switching from pen and paper to a digital device is a big step. Which device should you use? How do you write, draw and move things around? In this session Productivity Advisor Ulrika Hedlund will take you from traditional note-taking on pen and paper to advanced note-taking on a digital device in OneNote. You will be guided through the experience of notetaking on various different devices and walked through the differences of taking notes in the full OneNote desktop client versus the OneNote app. You will also learn techniques for effective note-taking such as using tags, converting handwriting to text, sharing notes, and much more. Welcome to an engaging session that will take your note-taking to the next level.

Ulrika is a former Microsoft employee and founder and managing director of Business Productivity, a company dedicated to helping customers drive adoption of end user software through video-based storytelling.

Ulrika Hedlund

OneNote Avenger

11:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM EST 

Onetastic Add-in for OneNote

In this session, we will explore the basic features of popular OneNote add-in Onetastic and help you discover its vast repository of Macros. You'll see how to add a calendar to your OneNote page, pin shortcuts to your OneNote pages on your desktop, rotate PDF printouts and more. You'll even see how simple it is to create your own Macro so you can make repetitive tasks automated in OneNote.

Omer is the developer of Onetastic add-in for OneNote since 2011 and is a Principal Software Engineering Manager of OneNote team at Microsoft.

Omer Atay

Developer of Onetastic

12:00 PM PST | 3:00 PM EST 

Day 2 - Business Productivity 

Introduction to OneNote and Teams

This presentation is a great fit for viewers who want: - A general overview of what Microsoft Teams is. - Help with understanding how OneNote and Teams interact. To understand when and why to use one program over the other. If you are ready to give Teams and OneNote a try, this presentation will show you how to get started.

Kelly Marshall is a four time OneNote MVP from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She is a computer software trainer, co-founder and host of the Victoria Office 365 Users Group, and creates content on various business technology topics for her "Oh! 365, Eh?" blog.

Kelly Marshall

​Microsoft OneNote MVP

8:00 AM PST | 11:00 AM EST 

How to Set Up a Bullet Journal-style Notebook in OneNote

The Bullet Journal system was created by Ryder Carroll as a simple way to keep everything in your life organized and accessible all in one place using just a pen and paper notebook. Many Bullet Journal principles work really well in the notebook-style structure of OneNote. In this session we will explore not only a basic Bullet Journal-style notebook but also some more advanced ideas that make use of the many digital tools found in OneNote. Please note the Bullet Journal was created by Ryder Carroll.

Michele Christensen is an avid OneNote user and fan of anything related to productivity. She uses OneNote to keep all the areas of her life on track and moving forward. She is a blogger, YouTube creator and host of the OneNote Bullet Journal Facebook group. In her free time, you can find her working on her fixer upper house, riding bicycles, and spending time with her extended family on both coasts of the US.

Michele Christe​nsen

Host of the OneNote Bullet Journal Facebook Group

9:00 AM PST | 12:00 PM EST 

Making OneNote Your Secret Productivity Weapon

In 30 minutes you can turn OneNote into a digital journal and task management tool that will help push your productivity to a new level and free up the thing we all value most; our time.

Productivity Coach and Consultant and Founder of The Idea Pump. More than 25 years technology and productivity experience in personal and business solutions. Primary focus is helping people get the most out of their most valuable and limited resource: time.

Art Gelwicks

The Idea Pump, Founder

10:00 AM PST | 1:00 PM EST 

LifeHack: 5 Steps for Succeeding with Personal Productivity using Microsoft OneNote

So you are using OneNote as your primary note taking tool? Without structure you might lose track of all your notes. This session is about how to get structured using OneNote to dump all your thoughts, ideas, emails and notes that are either actionable or something you want to find later and use it as the only task scheduling tool as well. MVP Ståle Hansen shows you five easy steps to get started with a robust framework from using sections correct, your mobile to take notes on the go, and the Pomodoro Technique to prioritize and induce flow in a busy workday. The magic is to collect all information in one section regardless of platform, the collection section. Join this practical session to jumpstart getting structured with OneNote.

Ståle Hansen is the Founder and Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay in Norway. He is an Office Servers and Services MVP with over a decade of experience with Skype for Business and Office 365. His core competence is to explain complex scenarios and make them understandable by combining technical insight and business value. In the past two years he has figured out how to be productive using OneNote and shares his tips in the OneNote LifeHacks YouTube series. He loves to share his understanding as an international speaker, blogger, highly rated trainer and as co-author of the book "Office 365 for IT Pros"

Ståle Hansen

Office Servers and Services MVP

11:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM EST 

Front Line Digital Transformation Requires OneNote - Here's Why

OneNote is key to Digital Transformation. It drives the adoption of pen enabled Tablets by replacing paper whilst keeping a pen. Let discuss why this Must be the starting point in any productivity/transformation push and why you need to ‘Think with Ink’ to become productive.

Mathew started putting Tablets to productive use in 2003. As a Builder with several Trade qualifications Mathew needed to be able to work anywhere. Tablet PCs helped Mathew to save more than 20 hours per week by eliminating paper, duplication and unnecessary travel to and from the Office. That practical in field experience led him to co-found Tablet PC in 2009. Over the last 6 years Mathew has trained thousands of people – from council, construction and mining workers to some of Australia’s top CEOs and Politicians – on how to be more efficient with their tablets. You will often here him talking about “Final Format on the Spot.” It comes from personal experience. Mathew was named as a Microsoft MVP for OneNote in 2017.

Mathew Gilbertson

Microsoft MVP OneNote 2017

12:00 PM PST | 3:00 PM EST 

Day 3 - Business Productivity

Presenting Wirelessly with OneNote and a Surface Pro Tablet

This session will explore the untethered agility of OneNote paired with a Surface Pro tablet and wireless video receiver to present on the big screen. Whether you are a businessperson or educator, you will find many benefits for presenting with OneNote. Having the freedom to roam about the room as you present is liberating. Take advantage of teachable moments and adapt lesson plans or sales presentations on the fly to meet audience demands. Experience the “Power of the Pen” and digital inking to annotate and add emphasis to key points. Use the Surface Pro camera to add content “at will” and use Cortana to assist with your note-taking/presentation needs. Best of all, notes save automatically to OneDrive and are easily shared for future reference and follow-up by your team or class.

Tom Grissom, Ph.D. specializes in the practical applications of technology, instructional design, and new media for the improvement of the teaching and learning process. Dr. Grissom is currently the Director of the Instructional Technology Center in the College of Education & Professional Studies at Eastern Illinois University. Dr. Grissom is a recognized leader in the area of applied educational technologies and a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.

Tom Grissom, Ph.D.

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

8:00 AM PST | 11:00 AM EST 

Team Productivity with OneNote

Expanding on his personal productivity methodology with OneNote, MVP Ståle Hansen shares how he works with OneNote as part of a team. OneNote is a core part of Microsoft Teams and Ståle gives tips on how to structure a shared notebook. He will also explore tasks across Microsoft Planner and external task applications like Jira and how to get them in your OneNote todo list

Ståle Hansen is the Founder and Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay in Norway. He is an Office Servers and Services MVP with over a decade of experience with Skype for Business and Office 365. His core competence is to explain complex scenarios and make them understandable by combining technical insight and business value. In the past two years he has figured out how to be productive using OneNote and shares his tips in the OneNote LifeHacks YouTube series. He loves to share his understanding as an international speaker, blogger, highly rated trainer and as co-author of the book "Office 365 for IT Pros"

Ståle Hansen

Office Servers and Services MVP

9:00 AM PST | 12:00 PM EST 

Building a Workflow with OneNote and Outlook

​See how to integrate OneNote and Outlook into a productive workflow.

Noah is a technology expert and Partner at SimpleFlyTeam, a Colorado based business that provides technology services to businesses and schools around the globe.

Noah Scherer

Partner | SimpleFlyTeam

10:00 AM PST | 1:00 PM EST 

Managing Tasks with OneNote

OneNote is great to collect informal notes, and retrieve them instantly. But with the help of a custom template, and a consistent approach to collect tasks, OneNote can also help managing a team, and their assignments. A simple, though effective methodology will be explained, along with the creation of the custom template.

Intensive OneNote user, and (very) happy owner of a Surface Pro 3 ! Managing a team split across several countries, OneNote and a lightweight 2-in-1 are helping me keeping a grip on Projects, Tasks and Knowledge.


OneNote MVP

11:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM EST 

OneNote for Business: Expert Secrets to Powerfully Effective Notes You'll Love to Come Back To Again and Again

Why do most people take such meticulous notes but then never look at them again? Look, it's not enough to take good notes. A life-long ardent note-taker, a few years ago, I went to a three day business seminar and committed to being sans notebook, paper and pens for the first time. All I took with me was my trusty Surface Pro, stylus and keyboard. I was all-in! And I've never taken paper notes again. In this session I'll let you shoulder-surf as I take webinar notes using the VAK principle and how I take live seminar notes that has crowds gathering around during breaks asking 1) "HOW are you writing like that?!" and 2) "What APP is that?!" OneNote is the most complete notetaking and reviewing app I have ever used and in this session I'll give you a peek into my "digital brain" and how I leverage it for maximum impact. I'll also reveal my "4D" notes strategies that actually make you WANT to review the notes, while making it a pleasure to do so -- time and time again. Plus, I'll reveal the one productivity hack my business coach showed that guarantees actionable items don't disappear in your notes!

Walter is a #1 Bestselling Author, Longevity Specialist and dubbed by researchers at the Mayo Clinic as "the world's most successful dieter in HCG history," He is the CEO and Founder of SmartStuff Media Publishing, creator of LongLive University, the 20-6-1 Longevity Protocol, Chief Coach of the HCG Diet Success Coaching Program and Gutless In Seattle. Through his companies, products and services Walter and his team produce life-transforming webinars, books, information products and other mixed media for men and women 40 and above who want to "Be Younger. Feel Better. Live Longer." Originally from rural Missouri, Walter now lives outside of Seattle, WA with his wife and several unruly imaginary household animals. He reads 10-20 books a week, is an avid cyclist, fulltime superhero, Jeet Kune Do/MMA fighter where he routinely spars with men half his age (and often wins!), and is learning Parkour -- a feat unheard of for anyone over 50.

​Walter Terry

CEO and Founder

12:00 PM PST | 3:00 PM EST 

Setting Your Podcast up for Success Using Microsoft OneNote

Are you interested in starting your own podcast but don't yet know the first step to take? The answer is really simple... Together, we will learn how to use OneNote to organize your podcast so you can focus more on your show, and less on everything else.

Jeffrey Bradbury, author of Kidblog: An Introduction to Blogging With Your Students, is the creator of TeacherCast.net, TeacherCast University, and Educational Podcasting Today. He is an ASCD Emerging Leader, Google Certified Teacher, Google Education Trainer, PBS Learning Media Digital Innovator, Microsoft Innovative Educator, Microsoft Surfice Expert, speaker, writer, podcaster, broadcaster, consultant, and educational media specialist. He is currently the Coordinator for Technology Integration for the Westwood Regional School District in New Jersey. In 2012, Jeff was recognized as one of top 50 educators using social media at the first ever Bammy Awards and has been nominated three times in the category of Innovator of the Year. Jeff has Keynoted for the Pearson Authentic Learning Conference, EdTechNJ, and most recently at Columbia University’s Teacher College and Podcast Mid-Atlantic.

Jeffrey Bradbury
Educator | Speaker | Broadcaster

1:00 PM PST | 4:00 PM EST 

Day 4 - Education

Getting Started with OneNote and Class Notebooks

So you've heard about OneNote but are just starting out? We'll begin with the basics of using OneNote in a class, how to prepare a lesson, how to teach the lesson using OneNote and then move on to the ClassNotebook -- setting it up, teaching from it, assessing with it and having students and groups of students develop understanding through your course material and practices.

Cal is a mathematics teacher at Appleby College, a grade 7 to 12 boys boarding school just outside of Toronto, Canada. He is also the Director of Technology and Teaching Innovation for Appleby College. He is one of original hackers of OneNote and one of the leaders in pushing boundaries of what OneNote can do.

Cal Armstrong

Microsoft Education Fellow

8:00 AM PST | 11:00 AM EST 

Why Class Notebook?

How OneNote ClassNotebook works in a in a Google based school. Some ideas on starting to use OneNote class notebook and get students excited about OneNote.

Tech Integration Teacher who likes mixing good pedagogical approaches with cutting edge tech tools.

Marija Petreska

MIE Expert 15, MIE Fellow 16

9:00 AM PST | 12:00 PM EST 

Embedding Interactive Elements into OneNote and How They are Used in my Classroom

Bring you classroom lessons to life with interactive elements in pages. This session will look at how to embed interactive elements into pages and real examples of how I incorporate these into my lessons.

Andrew is an e-Learning Facilitator, Secondary School Business, Maths and HPE Teacher and MIE Expert 2017 - 2018.

Andrew Webster

​MIE Expert 2017-2018

10:00 AM PST | 1:00 PM EST 

Day 5 - Education

Staff OneNote, Class OneNote and Collaboration Administration and Permissions

This video will help you use OneNote for collaboration among your staff.

Matthew O'Brien is a teacher and head of Secondary at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar. Follow his blog, Education Stylus. Find him on Twitter @matthewo_brien.

Matthew O'Brien

OneNote Avenger

8:00 AM PST | 11:00 AM EST 

Flipped Lessons Using a Class Notebook Platform

This session will examine the why and the how of the flipped classroom. The why will discuss key aspects essential for a successful flipped model and the how will present various create, host and share options available to support a flipped classroom model. Underpinning the process is the use of OneNote, particularly Class Notebook, as a key platform that will effectively and efficiently support the teacher and the student.

Steve researches, develops and presents professional development opportunities that examine and employ the effective uses of emerging digital technologies in the classroom. Specific areas of interest are developing student personal learning networks, collaborative learning, improved feedback workflows and using flipped classroom models.

Steve Crapnell

MIE Expert

9:00 AM PST | 12:00 PM EST 

Making Learning Fun with Game-Based Learning and OneNote

Explore the benefits of using gamification in your classroom to engage students. This session will introduce you to gamification with a step-by-step tutorial on how to create educational games in OneNote.

My name is Gloria Enrique and I am a Secondary school teacher in Ireland. I am originally from Spain. I came to Ireland as a participant of the Erasmus student exchange programme. Since then I discovered my passion for teaching and learning and the importance of collaboration and sharing. I am always looking for innovative ways and technologies to bring the curriculum to life and instil the same passion that I have for learning to students. This is how I discovered OneNote and its potential to support students in their learning journey.

Gloria Enrique

MIE Expert, Microsoft Learning Consultant

10:00 AM PST | 1:00 PM EST 

Using OneNote in Education for E-Portfolios

Wishing you had an ePortfolio solution for your school district? Imagine being able to create a digital data archive, or digital interactive notebook, where teachers and students can collect evidence of performance by objective. Microsoft OneNote makes all of this possible by providing a private digital storage space that can be jointly accessed by students, parents, teachers, and administrators. ePortfolios have long been an educational pipe dream and now OneNote makes it all possible.

Terisa is a tech-savvy critical thinker with a passion for teaching and learning. Skill set: Educational technology leadership, professional development, critical thinking, curriculum and instructions, technology integration, design and development, virtual learning, K-12 education, strategic planning, and technical support. Strengths: Planner | Team Oriented | Dedicated | Versatile | Patient | Punctual | Dependable | Friendly

Terisa ODowd

Nominee for MIE Expert 2017-18

11:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM EST 

OneNote Student Avengers, Unite!

Learn how a high school implemented a formal OneNote Student Avenger program one year ago to develop students as OneNote leaders and mentors. Discover how these techsperts use class notebook to collaborate on training, support and special projects. This session is presented by Melanie and her students.

Melanie is a Technology Integration Coach and Librarian at St. Louis Catholic High School where OneNote rules. She began her journey in education 20 years ago and is passionate about preparing students for college and career.

Melanie LeJeune with Her Student Avengers!

MIE Fellow

12:00 PM PST | 3:00 PM EST 

Day 6 - Education

Bringing Joy to Learning: It all STEMs from OneNote!

​With a Classroom OneNote, learning can take place 24/7! Use multimedia resources to record your incredible STEM lessons and student presentations and share them in their OneNote so students can revisit & recreate the STEM magic and share their knowledge at home! When students have the resources and ability to teach the lessons they love, how much more have they learned?

Tammy Brecht Dunbar, M.Ed., S.T.E.M. teaches 5th grade in Manteca Unified School District and Pre-Service Technology at Teachers College of San Joaquin (Stockton, CA). She was named 2016 California Woman of the Year, Assembly District 12, and is a popular presenter and trainer around the country (ISTE, BLC, CUE, CTANorth, etc). She presented at the 2015 Microsoft Global E2 conference where she earned two global awards for project excellence. She won an eInstruction $75,000 Classroom Makeover Video Contest, wrote a successful Enhancing Education Through Technology grant for Manteca Unified, and was named Manteca USD Teacher of the Year.

Tammy Dunbar

MIE Expert Fellow and MIE Expert Regional Lead

8:00 AM PST | 11:00 AM EST 

Teaching Using OneNote

This session will explore how a teacher or trainer can use OneNote. It will look at planning, organisation, sharing and collaborating using OneNote and how this can enhance student learning.

Beverley Cripps has been teaching since 2006, currently Head of Junior School in an all-girls high school in Belfast. Beverley has been involved in the Microsoft Educator Community since 2009 and is both a Microsoft Certified Educator and a Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow. She has presented at many local conferences and was involved in arranging TeachMeets and teacher summer schools in Northern Ireland. Beverley has also completed the Apple Teacher for iPad courses and her experience in using Virtual Learning Environments has been showcased by Microsoft, Fronter and a local university. Beverley presented on Online Learning at Microsoft’s Global Educator Exchange Forum in Budapest. She has a great passion for developing the use of technology in the classroom and is a Microsoft Innovative Expert Master Trainer.

Bev Cripps

 MIE Master Trainer

9:00 AM PST | 12:00 PM EST 

OneNote: The Ultimate New Teacher Training Tool

Whether your school is completely immersed in the use of OneNote & Class Notebooks or you are just starting the process of finding out how OneNote can impact your Students and Teachers, this amazing tool can be the ultimate assistant to help you train new Faculty and Staff. In this session, we will review the basics of OneNote while focusing on key features & some helpful tips and tricks that you can use on your campus to get your new Faculty & Staff up to speed quickly. We will also take an extensive look into our school's Ed Tech Training Manual, done entirely in OneNote, which has helped our teachers become more independent learners and made a huge difference in communicating important information and training tips.

Scott is a passionate leader, committed to a career of lifelong learning, Scott Bricker has found tremendous joy and success during his nearly 20-year career as a teacher, basketball coach, instructional coach and many other roles around a high school campus. In the spring of 2013, Scott was named Director of Educational Technology at Santa Margarita Catholic High School and asked to lead the full implementation of the school’s One-to-One Tablet PC Program. In the summer and fall of 2014, SMCHS distributed devices to all 1725 students and, following the success of that rollout and implementation of Office365, OneNote and other Microsoft tools, SMCHS was named a Microsoft Showcase School and proudly maintains their status currently, going on a fourth straight year. Scott is also a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and is inspired regularly by the many educators he meets through that group. Given the current opportunities available to teachers with respect to Educational Technology, Scott is a firm believer that those who take on the challenge of injecting appropriate technology into their classroom will look back on this time as one that truly redefined learning and teaching in an incredibly impactful way.

​Scott Bricker
MIE Expert

10:00 AM PST | 1:00 PM EST 

​Teaching Math with OneNote

This session will discuss how OneNote can impact positively on the teaching of Math concepts and how it can reengage and retain student motivation during the lesson.

Stephen Eustace is an educator who is passionate about integrating ICT in the classroom to engage and motivate students. Stephen is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and a Surface Expert. He is eager to discuss his schools digital journey and wants to help you to take the next step toward effective ICT integration in your school. Stephen believes that technology should help students to become self-directed learners and allow teachers to become engaging facilitators enhancing Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Classroom.

Stephen Eustace

​MIE Expert and Surface Expert

11:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM EST 

Day 7 - Education

OneNote and GeoGebra - Creating Interactive Learning Resources

GeoGebra is one of the most versatile App for teaching mathematics and what could be better than merging our favorite App OneNote with this free tool (not only for your maths lessons). Since exactly one year GeoGebra applets work seamlessly in OneNote and so you can make use of nearly one million free online, high quality resources from geogebra.org. (not only for Mathematics!) In this short talk I want to show some examples of the possibilities but also have a look "behind" the scenes and give some tips for creating interactive learning resources. Last but not least I wanna give a sneak peak on my upcoming project "hack onenote" here in Austria.

Kurt Söser studied mathematics and physical education at the University of Salzburg and is now teaching maths and physical education at the business school “HAK Steyr” in his place of residence Steyr/Austria. His commitments are the latest trends in ICT and he tries to incorporate them in his classrooms profitably. Being nominated as a Microsoft Innovative Expert Fellow 2015 crowns his usage of ICT in education. He is seeing himself as a "visionary" and paints a picture of the school of the future. In many teacher training sessions and as a conference speaker he passes on his visions of useful inserts of ICT in education. His most popular themes include the use of pen-based tablets, Microsoft OneNote and GeoGebra in education. More at www.kurtsoeser.at

Kurt Söser

MIE Fellow

8:00 AM PST | 11:00 AM EST 

Dealing with Diverse Learners Using OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is the vital tool that every educator needs in class to deal with the diverse set of learners. This interface gives the educator myriad of opportunities from e-meeting each learner in a personal space to managing varied group work in a collaborative space. OneNote gives an educator the freedom to create and develop learning environment in a way that suits their learner’s varied needs. In this session expect to explore the potential of Microsoft’s OneNote to improve the quality of teaching and learning to suit the needs of diverse learners.

As Founding Director of De Pedagogics, education evangelist Meenakshi Uberoi is passionately involved in coaching, teaching and learning for over 13 years. She designs curriculum and works closely with schools to help them determine the best teaching strategies, transforming education using technology, implementing valuable learning experiences, and evaluating student performance to make any necessary changes in enhancing curricula. She leads professional learning sessions for educationists for creating innovative, challenging and enriching classroom environments that are conducive to students becoming life-long learners. Meenakshi drives programs to accelerate technology benefits in education with a scope of activities that cover the full spectrum of learning scenarios, including: student programs, teacher PD programs, K-12 learning technologies, 1:1 personal learning infrastructure and supporting

Meenakshi Uberoi

 MIE Fellow, MIE Master Trainer

9:00 AM PST | 12:00 PM EST 

​The Future of OneNote in Education

This conference has talked a lot about how to use OneNote in education today. But what does the future look like? We'll get a glimpse with Mike Tholfsen who will share an inside look at what the Microsoft OneNote team is working hard on, and make sure you haven't missed any of the major updates released within the past year. OneNote is truly an improving, evolving and excited tool and Mike and his team are leading OneNote Avengers to revolutionize education.

Mike is Product Manager on the #MicrosoftEDU team focused on education, including Class Notebooks, eLearning and Learning Tools. 

​Mike Tholfsen

 Product Manager on the #MicrosoftEDU Team

10:00 AM PST | 1:00 PM EST 

Flipgrid and OneNote Integration

How can OneNote be even better? With the integration of the hottest educational app, Flipgrid, of course! Flipgrid is the leading video discussion platform for millions of PreK to PhD educators and students around the world. Participants will learn how to integrate Flipgrid in OneNote and specific use cases with academic subjects. Since Flipgrid helps foster a social learning environment that provides every student an equal and amplified voice in a fun and engaging manner, pedagogy will surely be inspired after participation in the session.

Scott is a Technology Integration Specialist in Old Bridge, New Jersey. He is passionate about helping teachers meaningfully integrate technology into instruction. Scott strongly believes in leveraging the power of collaborative tools like Skype, Flipgrid, and Twitter to teach students 21st century skills.  

Margret teaches 6-8 literature in Zachary, Louisiana, and through her work with Real World Scholars's EdCorps and her students' EdCorps The Upstander Brand, National History Day, and Teach Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), she engages for student voice to effect change.

Scott Titmas and Margret Atkinson

MIE Expert

11:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM EST 


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