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2017 Learn OneNote Conference
November 7th to 13th, 2017
Free For Limited Time | Online Event Only

See 20+ OneNote experts show you exactly how to use Microsoft OneNote to stay organized, be more productive and be a better you.

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Phase 1

OneNote is a revolutionary note taking program that has been around for more than 10 years. But maybe you have only just heard of it? Or, maybe you have dabbled with it a bit and haven't quite figured out how to use it best. The first day of the conference will get started with OneNote so you understand how it works, walk you through the different versions of OneNote and how to get set up on your devices (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Surface etc.), and give you the confidence needed to use OneNote for basic tasks. This is the perfect time for a beginner to join and an experienced user to get back to the fundamentals.​

Phase 2
Tips and Tricks

With OneNote on all your devices at home, at school and at work, now you are ready to leverage OneNote to accomplish more. See all the best OneNote add-ins in action (think Class Notebooks and Onetastic), and take OneNote everywhere you go (think mobile devices and tablets with writing capabilities). Hear from experts the best strategies for organizing your notebooks to be a productivity machine. These tips and tricks have never before been shown in the same step-by-step, transparent and video format before. Even the most experienced users are sure to pick up a few tricks during these two days. 

Phase 3
Real Life Workflows

It is great to see how OneNote could be used. You know, how it is shown in the OneNote marketing material, or on one of the many polished blog and YouTube videos. But, if you are like me, you want to know how OneNote can really be used. I'm talking about how it works in the real world when collaborating with your coworkers, or when trying to teach a class and get your students involved, or planning your week in a calendar. These two days will show you real people using OneNote in real ways to accomplish real things. Be read to be inspired and push your boundaries of productivity. 

Everyone that attends will see how to use OneNote in life, education and business.


It is no secret that OneNote is outstanding for educators. This part of the conference will make sure you don't miss any important sessions if you are a teacher, an administrator or use OneNote for education related purposes. 


Last year at the 2016 Learn OneNote Conference, I heard from several of you that wanted to get more help using OneNote in the office. For this year's event, I hear you and I think you will be pleased. I have gathered some of the biggest innovators in several different professions that are pushing the boundaries of what OneNote can do. 

Get Access to 20+ Presentations Helping You Finally Get the Most Out of
OneNote in Life, Education and Business.

Here is Why You Should Attend this online Conference:

# 1 Learn how to get OneNote to work for you

Maybe the greatest thing about OneNote is its flexibility. You can use it when conducting research for a job project, when teaching a class, when taking notes, as a journal and a million other ways. But with all the options and possibilities, where do you start? How do you want to use OneNote? Get the inspiration and the know-how during this online conference to do your best work with OneNote, the way you want.  

#2 Get to know OneNote MVPs, MIEEs, experts and fans 

The OneNote community is awesome! There is no shortage of individuals ready and willing to help you with a technical challenge, point you in the right direction in a tricky workflow situation, and promote your work created with OneNote. You may have seen this community on Twitter or joined one of the fantastic Facebook Groups; this event provides a unique opportunity to interact with OneNote fans across the world.

#3 Stay up to speed with all the OneNote improvements and changes

Last November in 2016, the first ever Learn OneNote Conference was organized. Since that event, which had more than 4,000 participants, the Microsoft OneNote team has been working hard to make the OneNote experience even better. With new integrations with Microsoft Teams, fun stickers, an improved Class Notebook experience and more, there are plenty of new OneNote improvements to get caught up on. This online event is your fastest way to get up to speed.

#4 Free for a limited time if you take action before the event is over

This online event is organized in a way to allow the most amount of people as possible to participate for free. This means that all of the conference videos and transcripts are available for free viewing during the week of the event. But, you will have to act now to get this free access so I can send you the links to each video. After the conference is over, only paid members will continue to enjoy the content. You will have a chance to upgrade after you register.

Agenda Coming Soon

I'm coordinating with speakers now and will update when the agenda is finalized.

Get Access to 20+ Presentations Helping You Finally Get the Most Out of
OneNote in Life, Education and Business.

What Makes This Event Different?

The Best OneNote Speakers in the World, Without Ever Having to Travel

Most conferences require airline travel, multiple hotel nights and costly meal expenses. The beauty of hosting this event online only is you don't have to incur any of these expenses. Enjoy all the video training, networking opportunities and world class OneNote support without ever having to leave your home city. 

Watch at Your Convenience

Each day of the conference there will be several videos released that you can watch immediately or later during the event. Want to watch a few of the sessions with your coworkers? Go ahead. Want to catch a session while working out at the gym? Be safe and exercise your mind and body at the same time. Want to relax in the evening with some OneNote training? You can do that too. Basically, you can watch on your timing during the event.

OneNote for All Uses

Some of the other conferences and training out there are only suited for Windows users, or only cover education uses. This is not true for this event. We're covering OneNote for Education and OneNote for Business. Plus, in the first two phases we get you set up using OneNote for personal uses, for life planning, on mobile devices, on your iPhone, on your Mac, and on your iPad. You will walk away from this conference armed with the knowledge and skills to accomplish more with OneNote, however you decide to do so.


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Hi there, thank you for checking out this free OneNote event. My name is Jared DeCamp, and I am a OneNote fan just like you. I started using OneNote in 2013, and it is now a part of my every day life at work and at home. Last year, I put together the first online OneNote conference and was amazed by the response of the OneNote speakers and community. More than 4,000 people signed up to participate, 21 speakers shared their best work, and attendees from all over the world became new friends. Over the past year, I have been at the OneNote drawing board, thinking and dreaming of ways to make this annual online conference even better. I'm happy to share with you the results of the hard work put in by the speakers and everyone involved to make this happen. Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime with questions, comments and feedback at

Remember, I am not, nor is the Learn OneNote Conference, officially affiliated with Microsoft. All the thoughts and materials on this page and within the conference are my own or the respective speakers. I'm just a big time fan trying to spread the good word of OneNote and make a living in the process.

To your success,
Jared DeCamp

Get Access to 20+ Presentations Helping You Finally Get the Most Out of
OneNote in Life, Education and Business.