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You’re Probably Wondering, What EXACTLY Will I Get Out Of Attending This Virtual CONFERENCE?

Great question, and I’m glad you asked.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining the free Learn OneNote Conference:


  • A behind the scenes look at current teachers delivering real lessons with OneNote.
  • Why OneNote is the best education tool at your disposal, based on teacher and student results.
  • How to bring next generation technology to students, including digital ink, learning tools, student feedback loops, and fancy yet practical tricks to make your role more efficient.
  • Thought leaders discussing where OneNote is headed and how schools and staff should be approaching OneNote for maximum student impact and staff happiness.

Productivity Persons:

  • Look over the shoulder of experts to see how notebooks, sections and pages are organized based on the most popular productivity methods.
  • Why OneNote is the best tool for project management, family planning, digital journaling, travel plans and all things digital productivity. 
  • How to layout, shape and structure OneNote to work for you (you may just be surprised with some of the tricks our experts will share). 
  • The best ways to work together with other tools and people, with OneNote.
Jane Easterbrook
Andrew Bailey
Tom Grissom
Brian Wyzlic
Kurt Söser
Scott Titmas
Nicole Caldwell

I would like to thank all presenters at #LONC17. This was my first online OneNote conference and it has given me lots to work on.

Always lots of great ideas in #LONC17. Always inspired to try things out and then share with colleagues too.

Learned something from every single #LONC17 presentation yesterday, really have no excuse for not learning more, free & available online to watch at your convenience..., great #OneNote conference so far, looking forward to today.

Top 3 sessions: @sig225's OneNote + Class Notebook overview, @oh365eh_kelly's OneNote + Teams session, and @BrickerCoaching's OneNote Ed Tech Notebook #lonc17

My Highlight of #lonc17: @ulrikahedlund with her session on taking notes with #OneNote. Don't miss this fantastic video!

I’m only half way through and loving this #LONC17 presentation from Sandy! I wasn’t sure if these “business” themed webinars would apply to educators but they DEFINITELY do!

LOVE Omar's video about #Onetastic add-in for #Onenote, especially the rotate printout feature! Can't wait to download when I get to work tomorrow! #LONC17

How’d You Like To Access 30+ World-Class OneNote Strategy sessions?

These sessions will show you the strategies and tricks the most innovative OneNote fans use and recommend. For a limited time when you register, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here.

Featured Expert Sessions

Learn OneNote Conference Kick-Off Party

Jared DeCamp

Learn OneNote Conference Kick-Off Party

Join me, the conference organizer, in a live kick-off session. Bring your OneNote or conference related questions! You'll get an inside look into what all will be happening for the week, OneNote resources and tools, and special bonuses to lucky winners who show up live!

Getting Started

Michele Christensen

Welcome to OneNote

Jump start or revamp your OneNote journey with key fundamentals and ways to connect with your peers. OneNote fans around the globe are ready to welcome you, help you and exchange ideas.  

Ben Hodes

Getting Started with Modern OneNote

Come learn what makes Modern OneNote the best one yet. What we’ve done and where we’re going, no FUD here!

Sandy Morgan

OneNote Revealed - a Closer Look at Underused and Misunderstood Features

Take another look at many of the OneNote features: commands, keyboard shortcuts, hacks and strategies that most OneNote fans overlook.

Mike Tholfsen

Future of OneNote in Education

Hear directly from a Microsoft employee where the direction of OneNote in Education is heading, and view some of the newly released or soon to be released features.  

Jennifer Morgan-McGregor

Impact on Student Confidence

Boost student confidence with OneNote. See examples in this inspiring session.

Suzy Lolley

Differentiate and Motivate with OneNote

Teachers can differentiate and motivate with OneNote Class Notebook in three key ways: individual and group distribution, stickers as badges for student achievements and locked pages for grouping as an escape room game within OneNote.

Alex Frohlich

How OneNote Impacts the Classroom

Get an idea of some of the best things you can do with OneNote in education. Discover how it compares to other tools out there and how to set your students up for success. This is a can't miss session if you are just getting started with Class Notebook.

anthony newbold and Darren Clay

Trust the Process: Key Actions to Lead Change, Buy-in, and Use of OneNote

Discover Anthony and Darren's approach to galvanizing a group of OneNote Avengers into digital classroom environments. They will share how they led a school-wide transition to OneNote that resulted in student achievement gains and an improved school climate.

Getting Creative

Heather Severino 

​Mobile OneNote App

Take OneNote app on the go with you wherever your device is on you. Best of all, it is all synced for you and your data is where you need it, when you need it. See how in this session.

Mathew Gilbertson

Driving Company Adoption

Hear how you can support your organization in a path towards effective, efficient and productive OneNote use. 

Frank Kendralla

Rocketbook and OneNote

Not ready to give up paper notes? Have paper receipts to deal with? See how to manage paper notes and receipts with Rocketbook and OneNote. It is truly the best of both the digital and physical paper world.

Denise Vajdak

Making Digital Planning Pretty

Learn tricks and features to design your planner pages with colorful inspiration with practical layouts. Copy something you see in this session or use your skills to improvise for your own custom planner.

Renee Barr

Teaching with Digital Ink and OneNote

See how a math teacher delivers lessons using digital ink, OneNote, ScreenBeam and "Insert Recording" to help students work through problems and get insight into their understanding of concepts. 

Sallee Clark

Learning Has No Boundaries: Accessibility Tools for All Students

Sallee has first hand experience with OneNote Learning Tools helping her son who is dyslexic and ADHD. See her real examples of how these tools are changing the way students interact with print language through the Immersive Reader and Dictation features, Office Lens for read aloud assistance and how to digitize files for online organization. 

Neeru Mittal

Make Content Come Alive with OneNote

Use multimedia options like live audio and video to explain lessons to students via audio recording, with inking or highlighting word by word. Also, see how the video feature helps students see concepts in real time. 

Vineeta Garg

Collaborate with Students and Parents

See how to create, deliver and collaborate on content inside and outside the classroom, all with being able to share things with the parents. 

Getting Organized

Becky Keene

​Family Organization with OneNote

Family life can be busy and hectic. A career on top of it? You better be organized. See how OneNote can help in this session.

Denise Vajdak

​Travel Planning with OneNote

Manage your travel plans, itinerary, checklists, email confirmations, expense reports and more. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, you'll want OneNote for your plans.

Dhawn Hansen-Tate

OneNote for Meetings

Run effective meetings with OneNote. This session will showcase how OneNote can be used to capture and share meeting agendas, notes, tasks and updates.

Gloria Enrique

OneNote in the Foreign Language Classroom

Put students at the center of the learning experience with the perfect platform for learners to create foreign language ePorfolios. Include typed text, written notes, audio recordings or video files. Learners can store work, set goals, plan learning and receive feedback to reflect on their progress, all in one place.

Ryan Higgins

Staff Management Tool

In addition to classroom teaching, OneNote works well as a management tool for staff appraisal, planning and professional development. Go behind the scenes to see how Ryan's school is doing it.

Laurent Carlier

Next Generation Feedback

Do your students not read your feedback comments? Are you looking to involve them more in their learning and empower student voice? In this session you will learn how to offer students written, audio, visual and formative feedback that fosters your students meta cognitive skills.

Abeer Almehdar

OneNote as a Portfolio

Learn how OneNote can best be used as a portfolio. Set your access and sharing permissions, collaborate and use your portfolio as an evaluation tool on all your devices.

Getting Efficient

Jose Amezola Beltran

Manage Life with OneNote

Learn all the ways in which to capture information in OneNote and how to utilize it to manage the most important aspects of your life. This includes goal management, finances, legal matters, housing and important accounts. OneNote is one of the most modular apps available and you can use it to keep track of what matters most. 

Tom Ritchie

OneNote and Outlook in a GTD System

Improve your effectiveness by integrating OneNote and Outlook in a "Getting Things Done" influenced system.

Art Gelwicks

Being productive with OneNote and Chromebooks

There are a few things you need to know if you are on a Chromebook and using OneNote. Get the fundamentals and best tricks for your Chromebook use.

Suzannah Calvery

The Winning Classroom Team: OneNote & Microsoft Teams

See how to get up and running with a Class Team using OneNote Class Notebook. Work with the assignment interface, feedback loop and more. Get OneNote and Teams working efficiently in your classroom.

Tom Grissom, Ph.D.

Level Up Your Teaching with NoteStreaming 5.0

Level up your instructional efficiency and effectiveness using the NoteStreaming method! Preserve the human-side of teaching by providing a cloud-based notebook of lessons with personalized video content and other resources to provide just-in-time learning guidance throughout a course.

Steve Crapnell

Mastery Style Learning with OneNote

Find out how to use mastery style learning that deals with the create, distribute and review strengths that OneNote provides to allow you to reach every student in every class every day.

Getting Good

Knut Sterrenberg

Project Management with OneNote

Manage projects with OneNote by storing reference information, preparing for meetings, storing meeting minutes, effectively dealing with follow-up actions, pushing topics and keeping track of everything.

Heather Severino 

​OneNote and Teams

See how to power your communication and collaboration to the 'nth degree with OneNote and Teams.

Timothy Kenny

​A System For Organizing Your Life

Learn how to use a system of folders and sub folders in a comprehensive approach to helping you stay organized so you can find information later.

Philippe Bruno

To Do Pipeline with and without Onetastic

Set up, manage and even automate your to do items with and without Onetastic.

Marija Petreska

Paperless Lessons with OneNote, Teams and Other Microsoft Apps

Deliver lessons without using any paper. Combine the power of OneNote with the other tools available in Office 365 for a powerful lesson delivery suite.

Michelle Weekley

OneNote (and Office 365) as an LMS

Turn OneNote and Office 365 into the LMS you always wanted. See how these tools can distribute work to students, create groups of students to differentiate, check for understanding and feedback using tags, promote collaboration and include audio and voice and more. 

Gaye Bloomfield

The Nail Project

Find out about results from this opt-in, bottom-up study which sought to understand how digital pedagogy, blended with face-to-face teaching, enhanced the development of key competencies for students. 

Kurt Söser

Explore Possibilities of OneNote in Education

See Kurt's ISCP model for approaching how, when and why OneNote, and really Office 365, can be used in different areas of the daily school environment. Go beyond "how to" in this session and push the boundaries of OneNote's potential.

How’d You Like To Access 30+ World-Class OneNote Strategy sessions?

These sessions will show you the strategies and tricks the most innovative OneNote fans use and recommend. For a limited time when you register, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here.

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OneNote Strategies Revealed By The Top OneNote Experts In The World

Your journey to OneNote could go one of two ways:

Long and Difficult Way

  • You could pay big money to get in-person consulting or training. You could even spend hours, weeks, months sifting through online tutorials, but only to find the videos are outdated or just flat out poor instruction. And, you could be stuck trying to set up your notebooks and pages, only to be missing creative and actionable ideas shared by these speakers.

Easy & Fast Way

  • You could sign up for Learn OneNote Conference today and get real insights from the top OneNote MIEEs, MVPs and experts. You could get step-by-step instructions on how to use OneNote. You could be innovative, effective and creative with OneNote, having it work for you as an awesome digital tool. 

If you’re looking for the top Onenote strategies that the best experts in education and business are doing right now, then this is the event for you.


Jared DeCamp

Hi, I’m Jared DeCamp.

I'm a OneNote fan with a background in real estate appraisals. Along with my wife, Andrea, I help people with OneNote, Teams and related technology via online events and membership groups.

My work has been written about on the Microsoft blog, Thurott blog, Windows Central and others.

This conference is all about bringing together OneNote fans to share what is working, what isn't and learn together how best to leverage OneNote in education and business.

I'm here to help, and I look forward to learning with you.

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How’d You Like To Access 30+ World-Class OneNote Strategy sessions?

These sessions will show you the strategies and tricks the most innovative OneNote fans use and recommend. For a limited time when you register, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here.